I started plein air painting as another way to enjoy time in beautiful landscapes. Rather than painting big scenes, I have been drawn to arrangements of trees and rocks, sky and mountains, and elements that celebrate color and design.

Into The Wild Blue YonderSymmetrySpirea And WildflowersRuth's RoseMy Wyoming HillsThe Mead Ranch - Storm LightRanch Country SkyHuntley's PaintbrushSnake River Ranch CottonwoodCoyotes And A Loon'Bible vs. Gun', tribute to Will Hoge and his songGeese Flying Into StormEarly Morning WalkRed Rock Ranch, Lone TreeNear Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone National ParkCumulous Rising Over Sleeping IndianAfter The Murie CenterCottonwoods From Ely Springs PondsNight LightsTwilight, Spring GulchEarly FallMay Storm Over The Hansen RanchRed Hills Of Dog CreekCottonwoods Against Blacktail ButteLucas Fabian CabinLooking West to Battle MountainBlue FlaxThe BunkhouseLittle WaveRing Lake Ranch, Early ArtistsR Park SummerCreek With Blue FlaxEly Springs CottonwoodsAspen Trees Along Slide LakeTrumpeter Swans And FrogsJupiter And The New Moon IIEarly Morning Walk, Orvieto, ItalyThe Mead Ranch, Hawk on HayThe Mead Ranch, Black Angus + FenceThe Mead Ranch, Teton RangeThe Mead Ranch, Black Angus + Storm